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3rd-Sep-2013 01:56 am - WHY
Drip drip drop yet another tear rolls off my check, but you won't see it
Drip drip drop yet another splash of blood hits the floor, but you won't see it
Drip drip drip drop is the sound as the last drop of my blood and I take my last breath, I wounded why the hell you couldn't Fucking see Me and why the FUCK couldn't you have been there for Me, I loved you, but I never was good enough for you even dead you don't SEE ME
3rd-Sep-2013 01:34 am - ME
If you looked into my unhappy eyes, would you see the years that I'm choking back
Come in closer and feel MY pain, feel MY emptiness hear MY pain and truly listen to MY hopes, fears, and thoughts
If you held me close would you feel the numbness and feel this thing in my chest breaking, as I put another mask to hide my secret
Would you Feel how much I need a Friend or would you just let the mask go upon my face and my wall becomes ever thicker ever harder to break through
Come in closer as YOU walk rite past me I just need a hug to stop the screaming in MY head to I might need a HUG to walk away from the edge and out of this darkness
Im screaming HELP as I smile hoping you can see ME
23rd-Feb-2010 10:13 pm(no subject)


My One and Only

You were in my dreams before there was a me and you
I know that you've saved me from my inner demons
You've always been there for me and in my heart
I know you were mine and I was yours before we knew one another
You have opened my eyes and heart to real true love
I love you for the person you were yesterday, today, and tomorrow
You were in my dreams before there was a you and me

Kittie (Channing)


21st-Feb-2010 09:40 am(no subject)

Why is that family members can make you feel like shit without knowing or caring that they have. I recently quit smoking cold turkey, and of course I've gained a few pounds, but I was fine with it I was still happy and anyhow my husband says I look wonderful.. My husband and I are very bluntly honest with one another, so if I look bad he would tell me honestly, which Im glad he dose...  My mom has told me the last month how big Ive gotten (5-10 lbs isn't HUGE)  now my mood is kind of unsure of myself worth and if my mom even gives a damn that she hurt my feeling   I wrote her a letter)

I guess I just hould grow up or build up my wall and not let shit like that bother me


21st-Feb-2010 09:26 am(no subject)
Has anyone on here heardof a play called Love Poems for the Dying Children (its a gothic play) I heard it once and fell in love with it, but, I've looked everywhere and just recently ahve had somewht luck, only the first 2 acts but its better then none at all...

8th-Feb-2010 03:34 am(no subject)

Did you ever have a friend that you could tell everything too, and then all of the sudden the friendship turns to shit.. well that is what Im going through, and now I have to wonder were we ever even friends???  It seems that since we both got married instead of hanging out it seems theres is always something more important to do, even when my spouse and I asked her and her new family to come over for dinner, something all of the sudden came up.. Am I being rude but asking or calling any longer??


31st-Jan-2010 08:57 am(no subject)
When you think you know how something will end up,you are soooo wrong and it ends the least way you ever expected it.. I never thought my husband and I would be moving yet again, but this is for the best for both of us, where we now the job market is gettig very bleck..  I just hope our cat does okay on the 4 hr drive
31st-Jan-2010 08:49 am(no subject)
19th-May-2009 10:38 pm(no subject)
You know as you grow  up you do get wiser, and the things you fought for as children and teens are no longer important instead its stressing over money and how rent and the bills are going to get paid for the upcoming month.  People that you thought you knew ended up being more of a stranger then you ever thought possible. We all grow up some people seem to have grown up better then others, but then again those are the people who you seem to grow apart from and vice versa
18th-Jan-2006 06:04 pm(no subject)
So theres a guy that I known for the past 6-7 years and I still think its funny how we ment. We ment like I said 6-7yrs ago at a comminity thing and I needed to change my clothes but all the porta potis were in use and I really don't tlike those things, but Dave (guy that I'm talkin about) he was with his friends and I asked him and them if they would sheild me and they did by the way he and his friends were so respecful while I was getting changed they kept there back toward me.. After I was done changing I told him I was done he turned around and smiled at me. A few years later I was workin at a haunted house and what would you know so was Dave and we hit it off again. Now recently we ment up once again and like all before we hit it off again, except this time we kissed which was a first. This past weekend Dave and I hung out and I stayed the night with him, I had alot of fun.. We kissed so much that I had to put lip gloss on like a half a dozon times
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